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Welcome to my blog! I've just started out, but I've gotten a few requests via email with reviewing anime being the most common. Feel free to suggest something else for me to do!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I know it's late, shut up.

Michele hasn't taken any photos since my last post, so I'll be posting more of the older pictures today.

This picture is of one of many local shops, taken during an "I dare you, no I dare YOU" sort of squabble. Pretty funny, and an ultraclean shot of some local flavor is the result. Also please note the cockeyed "viewing room" sign, hahaha!
Here's a snapshot of some Japanese tourists. Guam being flooded with Japanese tourists constantly, Michele was able to capture very well here the typical streetcorner in the more urbanized areas.

This is the promised favorite shot, this one is simply too beautiful for words. I'm amazed at the sight, positively breathtaking, and to have it captured with such skill by an amateur photographer tells alot about her eye for beauty, her talent, and her ability to show you the beauty she sees through her camera.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michele the photographer!

Hey guys, sorry I've been so inactive! It would seem like my AdSense was disabled, but whatever. Now that I've got more time since I'm in the swing of thing at the Advanced Technology Center, maybe in a month I'll appeal for them to take back their screw-up.

Here are some photos taken by a person I know, of apparent amazing talent! It's astounding what she's able to do! I'll be showing more of her pics every couple of days until I run out, 2-3 at a time.

That's pretty ninja, to be able to take a picture of a fly so perfectly. Normally so mundane, she's managed to make it look awesome. Maybe it's her personality being exuded by the photo, that she'd taken the time to notice such an insignificant thing and placed such importance upon it to take a photograph of it. You just can't help but feel the same!

What a perfect example of still-life! The feeling of immersion you get from this photo is breathtaking.

This is an absolutely beautiful shot, but not my favorite. That is a post for Friday! Look forward to more from this astounding photographer!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Digg story "Top 10 Game Over Screens"

Haha, man, I really forgot how funny games can be sometimes. These things just scream originality, and almost become a facet of the game themselves. With this sort of pull unexpectedly coming at you, it would definitely encourage you to try again. The one that says "YOU ARE WORTHLESS AND WEAK" is especially funny; shame it's on the Virtual Boy, a failed-all-to-hell attempt at 3D visuals that ended with people practically going colorblind and experiencing head-trauma-like symptoms. Maybe 5 people saw it, I don't know.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Anime Review #1: Code Geass!

All of this info is revealed super early in the series, so there are no spoilers.

Code Geass is, first and foremost, a mech anime. It does however have a very engrossing plot outside of this. It seems that the trend of the Japanese being victims of abuse despite their own military exploits in real life continues here, but it's done to great effect. Apparently, Britain was able to suppress the American Revolution and it's capitol was placed somewhere in North America establishing it's rule as the Holy Britannian Empire. The Empire is a mix of Britain's idea of divine right and America's perceived MO of Capitalism-to-the-extreme to create a monster of an Empire which only the archetypical hero, the son of the villain, can defeat.

Now that you know a little about the series, it's time for my opinion. I love this series so much that it's ridiculous. It is without a doubt my favorite anime ever, and every anime I've watched since then has been a disappointment in comparion with this masterpiece. You can't even compete with this amazing venture into mechs, philosophy and ideology, superpowers-with-consequences, believable human characters, and an evolving plot with characters who CHANGE WITH THE PLOT! You see them develop before your very eyes! You just can't beat the experience!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Alright people, I'm making a blog. Tell me what you want!

I can do the following, focusing on one or doing several or even all of them!
•Movie and game reviews
•Anime reviews
•Flash game searching/reviews
•Book reviews
•Funny or awesome pictures
•Intelligent or random discussion

Pick one and I'll get started, or tell me what you want! I'm new to this, but I learn quickly! Let's do this!