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Welcome to my blog! I've just started out, but I've gotten a few requests via email with reviewing anime being the most common. Feel free to suggest something else for me to do!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michele the photographer!

Hey guys, sorry I've been so inactive! It would seem like my AdSense was disabled, but whatever. Now that I've got more time since I'm in the swing of thing at the Advanced Technology Center, maybe in a month I'll appeal for them to take back their screw-up.

Here are some photos taken by a person I know, of apparent amazing talent! It's astounding what she's able to do! I'll be showing more of her pics every couple of days until I run out, 2-3 at a time.

That's pretty ninja, to be able to take a picture of a fly so perfectly. Normally so mundane, she's managed to make it look awesome. Maybe it's her personality being exuded by the photo, that she'd taken the time to notice such an insignificant thing and placed such importance upon it to take a photograph of it. You just can't help but feel the same!

What a perfect example of still-life! The feeling of immersion you get from this photo is breathtaking.

This is an absolutely beautiful shot, but not my favorite. That is a post for Friday! Look forward to more from this astounding photographer!