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Welcome to my blog! I've just started out, but I've gotten a few requests via email with reviewing anime being the most common. Feel free to suggest something else for me to do!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Alright people, I'm making a blog. Tell me what you want!

I can do the following, focusing on one or doing several or even all of them!
•Movie and game reviews
•Anime reviews
•Flash game searching/reviews
•Book reviews
•Funny or awesome pictures
•Intelligent or random discussion

Pick one and I'll get started, or tell me what you want! I'm new to this, but I learn quickly! Let's do this!


  1. I can also do 3d models, things like minecraft world sharing, and a shitton more.

  2. Movie/game/anime reviews would be cool, and intelligent discussion would also be entertaining for some. And about 3d models, you have to explain more about what you mean about that, like: making games or just simply add things in game for instance mods for Oblivion.

  3. I mean using 3ds max and similar programs. I'm certified in 3ds Max by the Advanced Technology Center here in Virginia Beach, VA. I've never made mods for games personally, but I can host them!

  4. I think that for anime reviews I'll link back to a site I frequent so people can watch the episode I'm talking about.

  5. Oh, I see. Do you know how to apply textures onto the models as well? Like, UV mapping, normal map, glow map etc. Also, making your own textures from scratch would also be a benefit.

  6. I can do it all. If you can put a .3ds or .max file into a game or even anything it can convert into, I can make it from scratch!

  7. by glow map do you mean specular lighting, btw? Never heard of glow mapping.

  8. By glow map I mean like glowing in the dark.

  9. Oh, in 3ds max that's an attribute rather than a map: "Self Luminous" is what it's called. I'd assume that it would carry over. With different mapchannels, you can do things like make a sword which has glowing runes along the edge but without it being multiple objects.

  10. I see. I have never tried or used 3ds max before, so I didn't know that it was so sophisticated. I only have Nifskope, Blender and Photoshop 7.0.
    Blender to make the meshes(model files).
    Photoshop to make the texture.
    And Nifskope to apply the texture onto the mesh.

  11. If you make a material which has multiple IDs available, you can then go into the object's properties and select the polygons of the object to set the texture IDs.
    •ID1 Dark.Steel
    •ID2 Light.Steel
    •ID3 Self-luminous.Runes
    •ID4 Wood
    •ID5 Leather

    •ID1 (The blade's main parts)
    •ID2 (The blade's edge, to give the appearance of having been sharpened and the hilt's handguard)
    •ID3 (The runes on the side)
    •ID4 (The hilt)
    •ID5 (The hilt's wrap)

    And BAM! Magical sword.

  12. It's pretty awesome. If you afford it, I'd suggest getting it. It's a very streamlined interface, it'd take maybe an hour to make something passable.

  13. Then all you have to do within the game is define the bounding box if it changed the size alot. It'd be alot easier to replace a similarly shaped item with your custom one and redefine associated parameters such as damage.